31 July 2012

T H U S . I S . L I F E .

I love a good analogy . 
In real life . 
An extraordinary reawakening of the mind due to an ordinary routine . 
Ordinary experience . Ordinary encounter with life . 

In the last few days I have been working on some new ideas for L OU involving a photo transfer process . 
That's what it has been . A process . 

A process of seeing an underlying image that is better than what's seen above . 
A process of wiping away a substance that is temporarily seen to slowly reveal something much more incredible below . 
A process of this incredible underlying image beginning to show through with each intentional movement to rub each tiny top piece away . 

A process in which the final image is dull at first, but with precision  + refinement, the full color + detail emerge . 
Brilliance . 

A process in which it is easy to sometimes lose patience , be tempted to neglect the final image's potential for sake of time + convenience . 

It's a messy process, for cleanliness would not allow the satisfaction of the final product . 

It's a process of watching an image become something new . 
Something better . Something with a purpose in mind . 

And though , when one process is completed and you think you have a F I N A L image , it's not over . 

When the final image has emerged . The mess is cleared . It's just the beginning . 

Because there's more . The maker has more in mind for this piece . 

This image, once destined to be seen + tossed away , has something more . 
A new life . 
A new purpose . 
Bigger + better . 

T H U S   I S   L I F E .

Gaining a new perspective . 
Living up to more than just one purpose . 
Going + becoming something beyond where I began . 
Not stopping where I am . 
Not satisfied with the ordinary . 
Transforming . 
Changing . 
Evolving . 
Inspiring . 

A process in which others may see the final image + understand . 
Be moved . 
Be inspired . 
Be changed . 

But even if they don't see it as clearly as I do , it's worth it . 
More than I could have imagined . 

That's what this process is all about . 

Moving what once inspired only little old me to inspire something or someone else . 

The old made into new . The broken made into whole . The purposeless given purpose . 

This is the process I have been busy with . 

And , T H U S   I S   L I F E .

24 July 2012

L o u H o r s e s h o e W i n n e r !

Thanks . Thanks . Thanks . 
To all who beat the heat a couple Saturdays ago @ the Horseshoe Market !
It was a blast + I loved seeing the great finds shoppers found + even loved 
M O R E getting to send some fabulous shoppers home 
with some of the N E W E S T   L OU goods . 

Also @ that market , there was a G I V E A WA Y + we have one lucky 
W IN N E R  tonight who will be receiving a collection of W H IM SY L OU paper goods ! 

Drumroll please . . . . . 
Meghan ! I will be sending you an email with more details 
on how you can receive your giveaway gifts , so stay tuned !

More to come soon enough . X O XO 

20 July 2012

Turning Pages .

It wasn't but a couple days ago that I read a book . 
A real book . 
A novel, in fact . 
Something I haven't done in quite some time . 
Reading for enjoyment , not just education or something of the likes . Curling up into a ball in my bed or in the grass and losing my mind to some other world of people and places previously unknown to me . 

I was , in fact , so inspired by the very act of simply reading that I found a set of Shakespeare books, "Othello" + "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in a thrift store for 99 cents , so I bought them thinking this would be a perfect time to read a couple classics . They are still sitting on my kitchen counter, but their delicate sea foam + white illustrations are nothing short of beautiful . Inspired by the cover art a bit more than the words I glanced at within the cover . Maybe I'll change my mind soon . 

Speaking of inspiring books , however , my mind immediately jumped to two titles I have flipped endlessly through in this past year . Books in which not only the cover illustrations engage you but also books that are far more substantial for those endless moving gears in my little mind + heart . 

O H . M Y . 
I want to read them both again right now . 

If the words, the handwriting, the paintings, the thoughts, the R A W honestly of real thoughts + feelings + interactions + memories don't make you fall in love with life + the truth + the questions + all of those uncertainties, than nothing will . 

Incredible authors . 

Makes me want to paint + doodle + think + read + write something good to read . 
Sigh . Book love . 
X O X O 

12 July 2012

B a ck .

Why, WHIMSY LOU again . 
Exactly six months since last time I wrote . 
It ' s crazy how life happens so quickly . 
But it does + though I hate that I left for so long , I'm all ready to 
+ ready carry on to 
P R O M O T E   L OU 
+ P ROM O TE  Saturday ' s market 
+ I N S P I R E 
+ C R E A T E 
+ G A B 
+ G U S H 
+ S A Y  H E L L O  more often . 
S o , 

And feel free to take a little look @ what L OU has become . 


Here ' s to hoping NE W  L OU products will be up in the shoppe soon . 


Thanks for stopping by + welcome back, me . 
Hope to see you Saturday for some Horseshoe fun .

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