31 October 2011

H ELL O Halloween Tune .

Hello Halloween .
And H E LL O to you once more .
This Hallow's Eve there is one song I am L O VING more than ever .
My boy says I tend to say that quite often , but I am convinced that there is no better song for me right now than Florence + the Machine's very first single off of their newest album , Ceremonials .
And that would be ' Shake It Off ' .

9 3 . 3 has been playing this tune non-stop + for a perfectly good reason . Not only are the lyrics to love , but the Britain beauty , Florence , is incredible + the music video is full of masquerade charm . Ghouls + a real Halloween dance party . Perfect for a day such as this .

And oh , does miss Florence Welch make me miss that red head of hair I had throughout the sweet summer months . Ahhhh . L O V E .

This album is officially on my wishlist .

Ahhh . Singing it A L L Halloween day long .

Take a listen , won ' t you ?
Happy Halloween , darlings . X OX O

26 October 2011

Whimsy : P ROJ E CT AN TH RO

Oh . Anthropologie . 

When , oh when , I ask , will the day come that I do not happily elope from my crazy little world to your big bright doors + feast marvelously upon the the goodness of your design + displays + prints + textures + type .
All of which create this brand new crazy little world within my head that spins round + round endlessly with no avail until these thoughts + ideas + inspirations are poured through the lead of a pencil onto a 3 X 5 index card in my office .

That's where those ideas + inspirations go . Out of my brain + onto a lined index card . Whew . They are safe there .

The other day in Anthro I was once more inspired to really truly , absolutely make an effort towards the bedding of my dreams : Anthropologie Rosette Bedding .

And even after all of the inspiration a girl could want in this world , Anthropologie , I also ask , when , oh , when , will the day come that I do not longingly love upon one of your goods , only to gasp at that charming price tag hanging daintily from a corner .

And S O , dadaDA , this is my new P RO J E CT AN TH RO : Part One + Two .

Isn ' t it lovely ? Quite a task . But a lovely one at that . And a seemingly lovely task for a little thing called F ALL B RE A K , right around the corner . Sigh .

Sounds WH IMS Y to me . X OX O

22 October 2011

Saturday Sneak Peek :

A glimpse @ our stylized wedding shoot last weekend with 
Woooo . Can't wait to see even more . What a P E R F E C T day . 

20 October 2011

I would believe it to be a
{ W E > H E A R T> I T
kind of day . Indeed . 

18 October 2011

Sincerely , L ou : N+B + Skirts

Today I would like to acknowledge a friend of mine who is , most certainly , a genius . And you will not be sorry tonight , for I will share her latest blog posting with you + you will be astonished . S O thrilled that miss Katelyn , of Ninth + Bird , would stumble upon a gem such as a Dress Shirt Skirt .

And on Pinterest of all places : ) That ' s all I need to be inspired for the evening . And another variation for you ? Sleeves + all :
X O XO Cheerio .

17 October 2011

Weekend Whimsy : G u sh .

Two days + birthday celebrating + clothing swapping + pumpkin pie + a M I L L I ON stylized wedding photos + a batch of M + M cookies + pumpkin spice lattes in the park + costume scavenging + many a kitten meows from sweet Harriet + one F A R too small vintage wedding dress dream later , hello Monday . 

That sums it up quite well , but oh what fun it was . 
And I C AN  N O T  wait to share the photos from the stylized wedding shoot that took place on Saturday afternoon , to promote my friend , Elizabeth ' s , brand new event coordinating business . Elizabeth Bradford Designs organized the event , along with Joelle of Sarah Joelle Photography , Emily of Fern + Flora , and me with some W H IMS Y  L OU goods . 

It was enchanting . By a bridge . Under a tree . Lanterns hanging . Table awaiting . Flowers enchanting . Vintage galore . Lace curtains blowing in the wind . And , of course , a sweet couple much in love + willing to put it all out there for the camera to capture . Naturally , my camera battery died within the first few minutes we were there . So , I will be patient + gush on + on + on until Joelle ' s first sneak peeks arrive . Also , I am S O ready to plan another wedding .  I think the boy + I shall do it all over again just for fun . 

Like this . 

X O XO .

13 October 2011

Things I Love : Bountiful .

Things I love today include , but are not limited to :

+ This quote from a bumper sticker approximately 4 minutes ago : Not all who wander are lost .

+ The pride I have in myself for not sneaking into the yoga class I finally made it to + got rejected from due to full capacity , even though I T O T A L L Y could have found a spot . Honesty is the best policy . And SU R P R I SE , I love yoga now . 

+ My boy + I spontaneousy brought home a kitten today . Her name is Harriet + she is sweet . And will  N O T stop meowing from under the bed .

+ Tomorrow is Friday .

+ Matou en Peluche now has an A SS O R T M EN T set of her prints available for sale . Merry Christmas to me .

+ Dollar beers + nachos @ Old Mill within the next hour to C EL EB R A T E a friend .

+ W H IM SY  L OU cake stands were featured from Hazel + Dewey in the Westword from this past week .

+ Quite a few new holiday time designs happening here @ L OU , first to be sold @ Fork ' s Holiday Market in Louisville November 1 2 th .

+ Our TW IN S I E S are now over 9 m o n th s old + I cannot / will not stop gushing about them . I feel like they were J U S T born . 

A h h h h h . Crazy . Busy . Life .  X O X O 

06 October 2011

Things I Love : SU C C E SS .

Good news of the day ?  I   GO T   IN T O  H O LI D AY   H AN DM A D E . 
Hooray . 
I have not been there as  a vendor  O R  a shopper before , but what I hear = I L OV E . 
Cannot wait to see what is in store . For , we all know Fancy Tiger is A M AZ IN G .
As well as the Sherman Street Events Center . As W E L L as the month of December + the new W H IM SY   L O U goods to come . Something to love , indeed .  This may , in fact , be the beginning of something really good right now . 

05 October 2011

Whimsy Wishlist .

Once upon a time there was a girl who stumbled upon a place she had once seen + had since forgotten . How ? No one knows , since this place was truly magical + everything this girl saw at this place made her heart swoon + her brain soar . There were :

Oh , what more could this girl love ? I suppose she could love Scrabble + chili nachos with her boy . 
But it was a great start to a great love . X O XO 

04 October 2011

Sincerely , Lou : M or e V i sion

I have been searching + wondering + pondering just how I want to be putting together a vision board that will perhaps begin leading me somewhere to do something new with my life :) There are so many visually crazy wonderful ways to do it + with no help from Pinterest , I will most likely end up with 3 2 different vision boards throughout my home in no time . I have no doubt my vision may change over time . Many shades of all of the best colors . 
You know ? Many visions , just so it doesn ' t turn into : 
but is more like 
 I S   
M m m m h mm . I would like to continue to make dreams + continue to 
+ have the best time in the world doing it . Ha . This sounds so P E P talky . Love it . 
And L O V E the vision board Pinterest board I have begun collecting . Take a peek .
Like these beauties right here . Tough choice though . Type ? Photos ?
o r
Happiest Tuesday . 

03 October 2011

Managing Yourself : V i si on.

One simple word today + my mind is a reeling . 
Here I am , trying to manage my crazy little life once more . 
And continuing to squint my eyes in hopes of catching this something called 
V I SI ON . 
For my life . 

Vision boards are in the making . So many visions . 
S O  many visions +  O N E  life to live them . 
Time to start .  X O XO 
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