30 September 2011

Dress Up : SailorMade Goods

Hello from me in my SailorMade Goods vintage dress . 
I am in L O V E . Dress + Gold = fabulous .
 Dress + Leg Warmers = Even Better

 Matches my ring . Meant to be . 
 Dress + Boots = Never Better .
Hello from one happy girl . On a happy Friday . 
X O XO . Hope to be seeing some Horseshoe L O V E tomorrow , darlings .

29 September 2011

Things I Love : F ab ri c M A IL .

V IN T A G E meets F AB RI C meets P O ST C A RD meets Y OU .
All of W HIM SY  L OU s newest fabric lined collection of paper goods . 
S K ET CH B O O K S + N OTE B OO K S +  J OU R N AL  S : 
{ S ee  M e . }
S ee  M e . }
RE C I P E   C A R DS 
{ S e e  M e .
{ S e e  M e .
{ S e e  M e .
{ S e e  M e  .

Postcards + notebooks + gift tags + even L OU gift certificates are all lined in your favorite vintage prints . Take a peek + most certainly let me know when you need a set . These are perfectly P E R F E CT for save the dates + custom wedding gifts + birthday gifts + moving announcements + seasonal hellos + everyday love in the mail . Is it wrong for me to L O VE the things I M AK E ? heh . X O X O .

28 September 2011

W h im sy : S u n sh in e Tun e s

How much happier can I get than when I listen to this song + sing sing a ling along with it ? 
Not much happier at all . 
I have had this song in my head for the past two + a half days + I ' ll just keep singing it merrily . 
Oh , how I wish I had some sweet back up like this video . Or that I could maybe just be one of these sweet back up singers with charming little voices . 
I am getting that urge once more to be in a band . Sing forever . You know ?

Listen . Sing along + keep singing on . It 's just one of those days for a song like this . Wouldn ' t you say ?
X O X O 

{ Hope that you ' re saving Saturday on your calendar for the Horseshoe Market @ 4 6 th + Tennyson ? ! }
{ Also , save 2 0 % @ W HI M SY L OU @ Etsy with the coupon code F A L L L O V E . Gifts for you + all } 

26 September 2011

Mo n da y ' s Ma n age me nt .

Hello Hello + happiest Monday . I cannot help but be a little astonished that our last weekend in the month of September is now gone . Really ? I just moved my Vintage Barbie calendar to September from J U L Y today :( Whew . They say the older you get , the faster time goes by + I think I 'm finding that whoever that " t h e y " may be that originally coined that phrase , they were exactly right . Just this weekend , I was cleaning out the garage in attempts to create some sort of lounge / mancave there for my boy to retreat to from our home ' s unmanly charm . . . and I happened upon a big box full of letters + memories + photos + all of those things that make you forget the next four hours while you are lost in a whole world of history gone by . I found things from all of the places I have been + people I have known + good old high school prom + summer camp + an entire envelope of letters from my boy . And for the next few seconds . minutes . hours . I sat there . All alone . In the chaos of our garage + the many possessions we hardly need in any way . . . And I read + laughed + teared up + had butterflies + squealed + gushed + laughed more . And it was the perfect way to spend my day . Everything else happening around me , but me , just lost in my little moment + the sweet words that led to where I am now .
I think I need to make moments like that a bit more often . Wouldn ' t you say ? Well , well . The funny part is that this reminds me of this book I found awhile back , which had been on the shelf in our living room until a few weeks ago . I had been through one of those days that you just wish would have been over by the time you stepped out of the door in the morning . But , oh n o o o , it just drags on + all of those crazy little things happen to make your head spin + your hair stand up . One of those days . And I came home + I probably cried + whined for a minute or two + my boy suggested I just go take a bubble bath . And my shoulders were aching + I begged a little for a massage + soon enough , set up for me , was a bubble bath with candles glowing + a little end table by the tub with tea + this very book . Now , at first , I have to say I was a little offended that apparently my husband thought I was a basketcase enough to personally bring me a book instructing me to M A NA G E   M Y S EL F . { I later found out he glanced @ the book , thought it said " Massaging Yourself " + figured it was the perfect way for me to deal with my sore shoulders myself . H A } 
Little did I know as I sat down in the bathtub that this little book from 1 9 4 5 would be the perfect peptalk for a girl like me . Makes me laugh . All of the matter.of.fact 1 9 4 5 illustrations + references + stories . Love them + I wanted to share a few little snippets with you now . So we can all M AN A G E  O U R SE L V E S together . Fair ? 
With that , welcome to :

A little condensed version of how I will eventually truly be managed . 

Passion . Passion . Passion . I want a bit more of that in my life , please . 

Cannot write a book without a classic football metaphor .  And as much 
as I hate the sport of football , who can argue with this remarkable team ? 

And there you have it , some management + thoughts to ponder this week . I love that I am completely at that quarter.life checkpoint where I am simply bound + determined to get things together . Not perfect . Just together . You know . . . learn that guitar I want so badly to play . Speak that language I want to badly to speak . Start making the habits I want to keep + start being the person I want to be . Start chipping away at the little dreams I have for my life . After , of course , I finish dreaming some of them :) So , this is my start . Funny . More managing next Monday :) X O XO  .

24 September 2011

{ Just click on the above image + start your searching for fall goods } 

22 September 2011

Th in gs I L o ve : Juice Time

So just two short weeks ago , today , me + my love started on the adventure of our lives . 
Mmmmm , it probably would not really be called that , but it has been a fun little change of pace in our lives . 
We bought a juicer . 
And we L O V E it . 
Especially now that our little equation goes like this : 
And for any of you in this sweet city of Denver , I will only continue to rejoice in my purchase of :
4 bags of almonds
3 cartons of blackberries
2 large cartons of strawberries
4 pounds apples
4 pounds carrots
6 bananas
8 pounds cucumber
2 bunches kale
9 beets
3 pounds clementines
2 large bunches celery
at Pete ' s Market for $ 3 2 sweet dollars . I will take that all day . Love Pete . Pete even helped me carry my big box full of goodies to my car . Love this Greek couple + the little family owned market .  They toss things on the scale , throw down numbers they know like the back of their hands , commend you on your honeydew purchase + crack a few jokes all the while . I have even heard rumors that Sweet Action ice cream is sold there as well . Not bad . I am searching their freezers upon my next stop there . 
So , juicing + Pete have certainly changed my life for the good , I reckon . 
And T H A T is what I am loving today . As well as a dark Stout + night with my man . That is a good thing too .
Come on over any time for a celery + cucumber + strawberries + beets + kale + apple + orange drink . My treat .

21 September 2011

Wh im sy:W elc o m e T o FA LL .

N  O T H IN G  rings in a brand new season of cool air 
+ brilliant + rustling leaves
+ bonfires 
+ sweaters 
+ leg warmers
+ scarves
+ boots 
+ chili 
+ cozy goodness 
+ pumpkins
+ P O LY V O R E . 
Take a closer peek @ my newest Polyvore set " W E L COM E  TO  F AL L " + see all of 
the treasures that so perfectly fit together for this collection . H AP P Y  F AL L + X O X O .
W H IM SY  .

20 September 2011

Sincerely , Lou : Good News Style

Hello once more + happiest of Tuesdays to you . On this joyful day { out of work E AR L Y } , I have even more wonderous things than that to share as things in my W H IM SY world are happening one thing after another . Firefly Gypsy Farm Market goodness + now , coming your way is an entirely new selection of L OU goods on Etsy :
Teacup bangles + hair pins for now , but coming soon will be posted laced necklaces + chain ruffle necklaces + cup hair pins + more bangles + paper goods from journals + notebooks to address cards + recipe cards + postcards + notecards + gift tags + everything your heart would ever desire . It will be right here . Waiting for you . 
Also , waiting for you will be L OU @ the Horseshoe Market 
I was not planning on being able to do this fall market in the Highlands of Denver , but things changed + now I can + I am thrilled to say that I will be joining Mandy of Fern+Sprout for the show + cannot wait to be sharing more L OU goodness with many shoppers that day . 
So many new products from L OU in a perfect autumn palette of golds + creams + oranges + browns + tans + grays + mauves + violets . Simply cannot wait . 

19 September 2011

Whimsy Weekend:G yp s y Fa r m.

What an A B S O LU T E  
f a b u l o u s l y 
e x h a u s t i n g l y 
c r e a t i v e l y 
c  r a z i l y  
sweet market weekend @ the F i r e f l y   G y p sy  F a rm  Ma r ke t up in Boulder . 
One of my faves + I'm sure it will only get better as this year was their first run for it in an an old lumberyard with the foothills in sight , caravans of Airstreams + tents + aisles of little mercado style vendors just eager to give away handmade + vintage goodness to all that come our way . 
Here 's just  a little glimpse of the happenings @ the Gypsy Farm Market :
L o o k   +   l o v e . 

 { My newest chalkboard globe + booth + whimsy paper goods . Journals = new + fabulous }
 { Our market site @ Insulation 2 + Studio 22 ' s vintage truck { L O V E} + 
Whimsy Lou style + our band boys playing + singing the night away }
{ Airstreams galore @ Jaala + music lovers resting on haybales + vintage quilts 
+ Fern+Sprout ' s caravan  set up @ their lovely Airstream + an old truck full of art + love }
{ NE W : fabric strand earrings @ W H IMS Y  L  OU + vintage Bingo 
Push Pin sets + hair pins galore + laced goodness necklaces }

From fiddling + dancing + hay bales + shoppers + food + Averys + handmade + vintage galore . 
One weekend to treasure . So inspired . So ready to keep running towards these little handmade dreams of mine + see just where in this world they may take me . X OX O . 

16 September 2011

W h ew .

Friday at last . And Y E S , I have been around this entire week . Just going crazy . Making . Making . Making + waiting for the Firefly Gypsy Market to roll around . And here it is . Visit W H IM SY  L OU  for hair pins . hair bands . necklaces . teacup bangles . magnets . postcards . recipe cards . notecards . address cards . journals . earrings . cake stands . and M O RE .
Just a little inspiration for those of you joining us (or not!) tomorrow +/or Sunday in Boulder :
My personal fave ?
This ode to the handmade . X O X O . Hope to see you bright + early tomorrow !
For details { li ke   w h en + w he re + d eli gh t } about the market , follow here

12 September 2011

Weekend Whimsy : + M o re .

Though this book has sat for months on our living room end table , this weekend my hands finally reached once more to pick it up . And it made my   h e a d   +   h e a r t   stir more than  E  V  E  R   . 
In recent weeks + longer , I feel like realities have been crashing into me . Realities of what life is really like when you grow up . Realities of what I have become vs . what I desire to become . Realities of love + work + friends + beliefs + health + inspirations . And somehow in these recent weeks , I have the extra twinge of desire to really get it right . Learn to love this little mess of my life that I 'm learning how to put together + what to make of it . Learn to fix the parts I don ' t want to learn to love . Become someone I want to be doing things that I want to do + am made to do . 
In all this , miss Sabrina Ward Harrison is my perfect friend . 
Beyond just loving reading her different handwritings ( my own personal favorite past time : doodling ) + drawings , her words . are . perfect . So T R U E ( hmm . book title ) + intriguing to me . So straight.from.my.head sort of thoughts . I felt like I could have been reading my own journal pages ( Am I ? ! ) , if only I had written those thoughts down . 

Every word written is just that . Just read . You know . Thoughts from a raw heart figuring out a raw life + working on the in betweens . I love it . And that ' s what I feel like I 'm finally beginning now . This renewal in the middle of the month . In the middle of my twenty fifth year of life . In the middle of this big city . In the middle of this big country . And in the middle of this big big world that I want so bad to know . And so another whimsy weekend ends + a new week begins . But so much more than that begins now . And my next purchase ?  A J OU R N A L   .   My own words coming soon . X O X O 

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