31 August 2011

W hi m sy :

All I know is that I am in desperate need for a frozen yogurt with gummy bear . J U S T the right kind of gummy bears . O R I would definitely settle for a s'more . Hm . Neither are within sight .
But . . . this is where I am instead .
Oh , wait . That's a lie . But I wish . The backyard will be done shortly + I will therefore make bonfire + cook s'mores + be a T R U E happy camper from then onward . Until then ,  I'll dream + probably settle for chocolate Teddy Grahams :)  XO X O H app i es t W H IM S Y  W e dn e sd ay !

30 August 2011

S in c er e l y , L ou : Y a rd H op e

The night is still young , but I am not . I am famished after over 3 0 shrubs made their hopeful way into our backyard in the last H OU R . { Me + my boy are impressively quick in the planting business } This is absolutely our L A S T desperate attempt to ever live life enjoying a sweet + charming backyard A N D our dog simultaneously . My boy enjoys our pup regardless , but is anxious to hear less of the shrieks that come about when I see Liesl running in circles with my peony bush in her mouth , or when she uses her doggy door to let much more than herself into our home . So , tomorrow may just be the happiest day of my life . Or at least close . We have the edging in . The shrubs all planted . Tomorrow a crew is coming to clean it all up : pruning , raking , leveling the ground + putting in rock so our little Liesl can dig out my plants + bury herself in mud no more . H O O R A Y . Once that 's done , I think it will be quite a bit more manageable to focus our attention on our yellowing grass , now closer to orange with the addition of our crab apple winery . As B E AU TI F U L as this tree is in the spring + fall + winter { It's just a perfectly perfect looking tree } , when summertime comes , it gets CRAZY making crab apples + dropping them on your head + under your shoes + squishing them into the ground + making you wish you could pick them up much faster than they are dropping . My delightful friend , Emily of Fern + Flora , wrote an "Ode to the Crab Apple"in honor of her new backyard friend + I certainly hope I can learn a trick or two about what to do with these bountiful fruits . How about this Crab Apple Liqueur ? M M M . or Brie + Crabapple Jelly Tarts ? Crabapple Butter ? M M M M . If it is A N Y TH IN G like Grandma Jane ' s Apple Butter , I'm in LO V E already . . . S o , read up on Em ' s ideas + wait for photos to come of our lovely backyard retreat :) and crab apple goodness . Fingers are crossed . Very tightly . 

29 August 2011

Weekend Whimsy: Last o f August

I just cannot decide if it is sad or delightful that August is coming to a quick end . It certainly has flown by + some days I just cannot get enough of the sweet thoughts of this coming fall season . Sweaters . Leaves . That smell of fall that makes you smile + want to cuddle up to someone that you love . Bonfires . Leg warmers . Pumpkin spice lattes + pumpkin pies . Ah good stuff . And amidst this fall bliss , I am L O VI N G this Fire Fly Plaid Dress from 

Quite a bold reminder of fall , wouldn't you say ? I'm still waiting out on a perfect dress from RedVelvet from a gift card I was given months ago . But everytime I look through their new goods , I fall in love with everything + simply have never come to a decision . My closet is lacking these bright shades of orange + reds + browns + yellows . . . could this be  T H E  dress ? Perhaps if the owl decides to come along too :) RedVelvet always gets it right . L O V E this shoppe + the sweet , talented girlies that started it up . Someday I most certainly will go to Springfield, M O just to check it all out . Don ' t miss one of the talented RedVelvet ladies' { E l si e } lifestyle blog , A Beautiful MessHappiest of Mondays .  X OX O 

25 August 2011

T hin g s I L o ve : # 1 - 4

Am I ever happy to find a photo that entails what I love most :
{ S OU R C E
# 1 . Taking photographs . Especially with a big lens . 
# 2 . Belt . It .
# 3 . Boots go with E V ER Y T H IN  G (or nothing )
# 4 . Wearing no pants .
Hahaha . Find something Y OU  LOV E today . Tell me :)

24 August 2011

W h im s y : Wr itt en .

First of all , I L O V E writing . Handwritten . Typed . Fonts + typography . I L O VE . And I cannot lie : My hand is continually full of writing . My kiddies in the classroom always ask why I have words all over my hands + occasionally forearm :) They are not allowed to write on themselves . Poor things . 
Some L O VE for you on a Wednesday . X O XO . And don ' t you go forgetting :)

23 August 2011

S in ce re ly , L ou :Ma st erp i e c e

I am still very in love with P o l y v o r e , my latest + greatest obsession . I continue to be amazed at peoples' creative spirits + the thousands + thousands of incredible , original products of this site . I love especially that you can go into peoples ' collections + see their sets + when you hover over any given lovely in the set , it brings up a close up + description of that product , the cost + where you can purchase it . I know , very dangerous . But   u n c o n t r o l l a b l y   
D E LI G H T FU L  . 

Take a closer look + perhaps even make your own m a s t e r pi e c e 
Be   E N T H R ALL E D   with life . 
For ,  that ' s just , most certainly , the way it was suppose to be

22 August 2011

W h im sy W ee k e nd : Pl at e s

Hello all + welcome to M O N DA Y . It was no doubt a magical weekend of relaxation . Sleep . Drinks . Hiking . Camping out in a living room . Dance dance dancing . And P L AT ES . I spent some time this weekend scouring Denver for some fabulous dinnerware to get some cake stands made up for Hazel + Dewey this week . And just like every other time that I go searching for dinner ware , I had some splendid finds in the sweetest colors + designs + patterns that get me to thinking that there sure ought to be many more ways to use a pretty little  dinner plate than to simply eat food off of it . Not that I am in any way opposed to that , but I did certainly find some fine ways to display your favorites around your home . Take a look + fall in love :)

I definitely just added a few projects to the list , centered around these P L AT E S + their oh.so.many ways to look perfect anywhere + everywhere . But if you so choose not to put them on your wall , be sure to let me know + I can get a little cake stand headed to your kitchen counter :) See some of my designs here . For now , L O VE T O D AY + X OX O . 

18 August 2011

T hi n g s I L o ve : C oo p s

Yes , Ro o s ter ' s  C oo p s . By  m y  m an . 
This boy has been working + working to create creative + custom chicken coops for all of you trendy . little . egg . loving . folks out there . This coop is on its way to Boulder this very moment . It all really started once more when I saw a fluffy black chicken at the Denver County Fair just last month . All of a sudden my boy was looking at coops + then occupying our newly cleaned garage in efforts of building the perfect home for some sweet little hens . 

Denver + most of the surrounding cities are making it easier { + more affordable } than ever to get a permit for hens + start collecting your own beautiful + bountiful egg collection that may just look like this .
I am simply in love with the greens . And I cannot help but think it would be splendid to be collecting a bowl of these eggs , farm fresh , from week to week . Nonetheless , if you have any interest in this W H IM SY investment , or just have questions about the hen hutching process or about custom coops , please email my boy @ roosters.coops@gmail.com . Love , loving hens . And coops . And eggs . Amen . X O XO 

17 August 2011

W him sy : M il e H igh Br i de

And would I have though that someday my boy + I would be featured in Mile High Bride ? 
No , not really at all . But thanks to miss Kate Botwinski Photography , we most certainly are .

Check this beauty out . So thrilling { + W H IMS Y } . X OX O  H app i es t   of  W e d ne s day s .

16 August 2011

Sin c er e l y , L ou

I have most certainly found a dream come true . A place of endless inspiration . A place of endless fashion . A place of endless artists + a place of endless photos + people + poses + tunes + W H IM SY .  Welcome , my dearies , to Polyvore . I swear to you that once you click on the aforementioned link , you will not leave you computer screen for the next thousand+ minutes . My apologies for your lack of productivity or sleep tonight , but your eyes will be feasting on the pure goodness of dreamers like you + me . And really ? I can do anything on this website . Just see my very first set { many to come } :
It was just a little start + I truly adore each item that is a part of it . Brighter + Bolder next time around . I promise you . And with school on the verge of a start , I do love me the looks of this one . Sensible . Teacher . Sass . And red lips . That ' ll keep those kiddies in line for the year . 
Even kitties can look fashionable for the new school year . 
And this perfectly golden striped sweater looks good once more . 
And how absolutely P E R F E C T is this set ? I 'm in love . 
So who is in ? Shall we Polyvore a short while together ? You will be seeing set after set after set . Just you wait . 

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